PissJapanTV pjt_20592-3-def-1 DRINK WATER, SPRAY PEEPEE

PissJapanTV pjt_20592-3-def-1 DRINK WATER, SPRAY PEEPEE
It’s a simple task for ourwavy-haired model. This sexy Japanes babe is to drink a big bottle of flavored water and convert it to a splatter of piss to fill the bowl. We cut to her sitting at a desk getting a bit bloated and uncomfortable. In other words ready to stream.
By the time she is stripped to pink bra and panties, and standing in front of the backdrop, she’s hopping around like it’s gonna drizzle out any second. She giggles from the strain. Finally the director gives her a glass bowl and she’s OFF to the races. Piss sprays down, soaking her panties and dripping down her pretty thighs. The bowl is semi-full with a straw-colored pint of hot steamy piss!

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