PissJapanTV pjt_20592-6-def-1 PISS IN BOOTS

PissJapanTV pjt_20592-6-def-1 PISS IN BOOTS
A young Asian long-haired lovely gulps down a bottle of water and watches intently as the director explains what she needs to do for the camera during today’s shoot. She pats her lean flat belly, then squats just above the floor, showing off her sexy panties and brown knee-high boots.

After a few minutes banter with the director, the water has filtered through and she’s fidgeting with hands gripping her midsection. She furrows her brow looks tense and uncomfortable. She has to piss, and is playing it BIG for the camera to catch. She leans forward a bit with legs splayed apart and the pee starts spraying down through her red lace panties. When the camera aims up we plainly see the wet crotch and clear outlines of her moist little pussy underneath.

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