PissJapanTV pjt_23339-1-def-1 PISSY PARK

PissJapanTV pjt_23339-1-def-1 PISSY PARK
Watch out looking for a place to pee in the park when these guys are lurking in the bushes. A redhaired Japanese lady in her workout clothes can’t make it to the gym fast enough so steps off the path to have a piss. A jerk sees her distress and distraction, pulls up her jersey to see her big round titties. He ties her wrists to a tree branch and leaves her dangling. She writhes in torment.

Giving up on a chance to piss in peace, she sticks her ass out and lets a stream of pee shoot out the crotch of her panties and soaks the back of her jean legs. To shame her, the jerk tapes her wet panties to her waist to keep her from dropping them.

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