PissJapanTV pjt_25309-1-def-1 SEXY TEASER PEEPEE GIRL

PissJapanTV pjt_25309-1-def-1 SEXY TEASER PEEPEE GIRL
A sultry Asian miss spots our camera, waves and does a little shimmy for our viewers. We step close and watch her hike her skirt, flash her prim white panties and dig a finger into her full musky crotch. The crackling sound of her fingernails across the seat gives a little rush, and then we get to watch her pop out a boobie for our enjoyment. Our kind of Japanese honey!

Ahh, but our sexy temptress is just beginning. She drops her panties and rides the fence she straddles like a pony, her furry little cooch sliding along in the most erotic fashion. She knows what we’re here for and finally after all the tricky teasing she’s ready to give it. She leans back, aims her snatch up off the fence pipe and lets loose with a hot juicy stream of steamy piss in our direction. Accommodating babe that she is, she even gives us the chance to blot her wet pussy before she straightens her dress and waves goodbye!

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